Brenda L. Johnson (Retired) is a combat veteran who served in the United States Army as a Strategic Material Advisor for the Defense Logistics Agency, where she enforced adherence to quality assurance and taught best practices for process improvement. After 23 years of active service, she retired and continued to serve in her community that led to many volunteer opportunities and leadership roles with non-profits organizations.  

Brenda dedicates her time and efforts to improve the quality assurance,  best practices, and daily operation of the nonprofit organization according to regulations and bylaws of non-profits.  She has initiated numerous actions to call for changes in laws and regulations of veteran’s healthcare, veterans with physical and mental disabilities to include homeless veterans and transplant candidates, and recipients.  

Brenda is also a chairperson for a non-profit organization review board and leads the collation for equal justice for women who served in the armed forces.  She continues to provide resources, educational, and empowerment materials to the veterans and their families on veteran’s rights, healthcare, and benefits. 

Brenda holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and an Associate of Science in Information Systems. Her writings and dissertations are on